Flood Ban

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To solve the issue with the flood ban there are 2 ways

1. If you are able to whitelist use this thread:

English: http://wiki.ts3musicbot.net/index.php/How_to_use_the_whitelist

German: http://wiki.ts3musicbot.net/index.php/ServerQuery_Whitelist

2. You cant whitelist the Ip from the TS3MusicBot:

Just for a clean start:

Stop the TS3MusicBot (for a fast shutdown of all TS3MusicBots on Linux, use that command):

pkill -9 -f 'TS3MusicBot' <-- CAREFULL IF YOU USE IT AS ROOT - IT SHUTDOWNS ALL TS3MusicBots ON YOUR SERVER - So use it only if you really want to stop all TS3MusicBots

Step 1:

Reset your Config at http://www.TS3MusicBot.net

Step 2:

Start your Bot again - he will complain about not set Query Login and Password and asks you to go to settings

Step 3:

Now go to your Webinterface and at first go to ADVANCED and activate Slow Mode


Step 4:

Now go to Settings and Setup your Query Login and Password after that your TS3MusicBot should stay on your TS3-Server