Make sure to save a query login and password

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Check on the top right of the TS3MusicBot webinterface if you run in "query mode" or "noquery mode".

If your run on "noquery mode", you can ignore this.

If your run in "query mode", please do the following:

Create a server query login

You opened TeamSpeak.
Now you click on the menu Tools, then click Server Query Login.
Query1 en.png
This will open a popup window where you can define the name for the Query login.
Query2 en.png
Then you click OK and now the query login name and the password will be displayed.
Query3 en.png

Save the server query login in TS3MusicBot settings

Click on Settings please.
Now you can enter the data.
In Query Port give the TeamSpeak Query port if you do not know this, please aske your provider for this.

In Query Log and Query password please type the query user name and password that you have created in this tutorial: Create ServerQuery Login.
Then click "Save"