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Parameter Description Example
-account your account registered at or the license -account
-port optional, default port is 8080. Access over http://yourServer:8080 -port 8080
-webif-pw secure your webinterface with an admin password (full access) -webif-pw test123
-webif-pw-user webinterface password for users (can only control and upload files, no access to settings) -webif-pw-user user123
-noquery Start the TS3MusicBot without server query (webinterface control only)
-client-name Forces the ts3 client to use that name. The config value for the client name will be ignored -client-name Radio123
-joinchannel ID Forces the ts3 client to join the channel with the given ID. The config value for the join channel will be ignored -joinchannel 12
-debug-exec If your ts3 client don't connect use this parameter to see the ts3 client output
-webif-bind-ip With this option you can bind the webinterface to a specific ip in your network. Useful for hosters with multiple ip addresses -webif-bind-ip
-max-disk-space Set the maximum allowed amount of disk space to use in megabyte for music+radio folder -max-disk-space 2560
-autostart Set a autostart music file, folder, a radio playlist or a youtube link (and all other supported links) -autostart music/folder1/ plays a music folder. -autostart music/folder1/file.mp3 plays a music file. -autostart radio/station.pls starts a radio station. -autostart http://youtubelink starts a youtube link or playlist
-secretkey -secretkey To use with the hoster API. If you start the bot with a hoster secret key from your account panel the license get automatically extended day by day if enough money is charged in your account balance
-skip-cpuload-fix If you start with -skip-cpuload-fix the cpu load will be much higher but the bot sill uses the blue icon if nothing is playing
-disable-ytdl This flag disables the "youtube to mp3" functionality (if the conversation needs too much cpu, disable this feature)
-volume Set the starting volume -volume 90
-repeat This flag enables the repeat function in combination of the -autostart parameter